What is Pre-analytics and What Impact do Pre-analytical Errors Have on Patient Outcomes?

pre-analytical phase

When it comes to patient-centric healthcare, the laboratory plays a critical role, providing essential insights for physicians in disease diagnosis and treatment planning. With over 70% of clinical decisions relying on data received from the laboratory, the accuracy of test results is vital. 1 Understanding the importance of addressing pre-analytical errors is crucial in ensuring […]

How IoT Solutions are Transforming Laboratory Sample Tracking

IoT sample tracking software solutions

In a laboratory setting, the critical factors of efficiency and accuracy significantly influence patient outcomes. This landscape is changing with the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, empowering laboratories with sample tracking software to excel as never seen before. This blog post explores the affirmative impact of IoT solutions on enhancing lab sample tracking […]

BinaryMed Partners with Roche to Minimise Pre-analytical Pathology Errors

Press Release Wollongong, Australia – 24/11/2022. BinaryMed has signed a collaboration agreement with Roche Diagnostics to work as part of its navify® Digital Solutions to help labs address pathology sampling issues, which can occur during transportation. Understanding the possible errors that can occur during transport before the sample enters the lab closes the loop in […]

Understanding the Importance of Life Science Sample Transport


In the intricate world of life sciences, the journey of a sample from collection to analysis is a crucial chapter in the research story. Proper life science sample transport plays a major role in ensuring the integrity of samples and, consequently, the accuracy of results. In this blog post, we take a look at the […]