Transforming Sample Tracking with 5G and IoT Innovation

We empower you to stay seamlessly connected to your samples and assets, providing real-time insights into their preanalytical journey beyond the confines of the laboratory.

Sample transportation is a critical step in the preanalytical phase for timely and reliable sample diagnosis. With limited visibility across private and third party couriers, sample transport usually requires frequent management, troubleshooting and auditing to prevent pre-analytical errors which costs you time and money. 

Digitally transform the entire pre-analytical phase.

BinaryMed offers a connected solution for reliable remote sample monitoring. We streamline logistics, prevent missing samples and automate evidence gathering for your quality assurance policies. Giving you visibility, traceability, and accountability.  

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The insights are incredibly comprehensive, there's nowhere to hide... before we were just told "Sorry it's missing".

With BinaryMed, you can:


Automate Workflows

Analytical supply chains are complex and dynamic. We provide the sample monitoring tools to automate dispatch workflows and use live data from specimen tracking to keep your process on track.


Investigate Anomalies

Our real-time location and condition monitoring allows you to drill down on specific shipments and specimens, giving visibility through third party logistics providers to ensure samples are never lost or spoiled in the pre-analytical phase.


Audit Everything

Quality assurance and compliance can become a full-time job, testing only a sub-set of your supply chain on a regular basis. With BinaryMed's sample tracking system, every sample in every shipment is monitored and recorded, keeping detailed historic records that simplify your quality management responsibilities.

Our easy-to-install remote sample tracking solution delivers valuable, actionable and targeted insights to the relevant stakeholders in your business. We only disturb you when action is required, and you only need to log into our platform to investigate specific events. Eliminating pre-analytical errors and loss will improve overall patient experience and quality of care.


of all mistakes in lab diagnostics occur in the pre-analytical phase. With BinaryMed, you gain insight and control over this critical workflow.
*according to the National Institute of Health

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