How It Works

A better way to monitor pathology samples

Say goodbye to USB data loggers and lengthy phone investigations with couriers. Our sample tracking system wirelessly transmits data to the cloud over the cellular network, providing live insights throughout the pre-analytical phase with no extra scanning or human interaction.

This means you get immediate Email or SMS alerts if your samples overheat, take too long to arrive, or goes to the wrong location. There is no need to manually plug in data loggers for analysis on arrival – it’s all automated!

The complete operating system for specimen tracking

BinaryMed offers an end-to-end active sample monitoring solution, from device to cloud, to laboratory integrations and alerts at your fingertips. We leverage live information from your shipments to shortcut workflows with smart run-sheets, timely alerts, and detailed evidence recording for Quality Assurance compliance – managing your entire sample transport workflow with unprecedented simplicity and efficiency.

The Cicada's smart sensing capabilities

The Cicada is an innovative wireless IoT sensor designed to securely attach to shipment containers, providing real-time data for active sample tracking.


Identity important places for your assets and set alerts for when assets enter/exit the location.


Know when your asset is moving and set alerts if it moves at the wrong times!


Set temperature limits and alerts so you know when these are reached.

Light Level​​

Monitor changes to light levels and set alerts to determine when packages/fridge doors are opened.

The Binary Cloud

The ability to see your samples in real time can help you make critical business decisions, reduce costs and improve your customer’s experience. 

While tracking of vehicles is common, significant parts of an organisation’s returnable assets often go un-monitored due to high costs or power issues.

BinaryMed’s sample monitoring web platform gives your business affordable visibility of your samples in transit from your mobile or desktop. With an intuitive dashboard, interactive geolocation maps, and customisable alerts, managing your samples has never been easier. 

What we offer

BinaryMed is a complete solution for your pathology sample tracking workflows. We know your logistics are unique and complex and we don’t just post you sensors and leave you in the dark. We offer a complete, working solution and we’re help to support you if you need custom integrations or services.

5G Wireless Sensors

We provide you with our "Cicada" wireless IoT sensors which send data to our cloud. Simply install into your containers using their adhesive 3M backing, or ship them individually with samples.

Connectivity and Platform

SIM connectivity and access to The Binary Cloud platform are combined into a simple annual fee which is charged at a flat rate per sensor (unlimited seats).


We can help you with installation, customisation and integration into existing infrastructure.

The “Binary” Core IoT technologies:

Our secret sauce

GPS trackers have been around for a long time, but they’re expensive, require frequent recharging, and don’t locate well indoors where shipments can’t get a GPS fix. By leveraging the revolutionary Core IoT technologies from BinaryTech, we’ve overcome these limitations to offer a high-performance 5G solution for specimen tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, BinaryMed sensors are designed to automatically record and transmit their location and temperature data without any direct user involvement. Making sample monitoring easy and efficient. However, QR codes serve a valuable purpose in managing workflows, such as linking specific samples to their corresponding sensors. This helps in associating the sensor's data with the samples in transit alongside it.

BinaryMed's sample tracking system collects location, temperature, motion, orientation and light information which is periodically transmitted to the cloud over NB-IoT or CAT-M1 connectivity.

In rare cases, our sensors are limited by the range of the cellular network so just like your mobile phone, they may sometimes go out of range in some locations. In this case, all data is recorded and stored locally on the device, then synchronised with the cloud when the sensor comes back into an area with coverage. This means all historic sample tracking data is still recorded for your QA auditing purposes.

BinaryMed's sample monitoring sensors incorporate digital thermometers that have been tested against sensors that are NIST traceable, and verified with equipment that are NIST traceable through ISO/IEC. In some regions we can also offer an annual calibration service whereby sensors are re-tested against NIST traceable sources and signed with a digital certificate.

BinaryMed's sample tracking platform includes APIs that enable data to be shared with external systems. Our team can provide services to assist with integration projects.

No, BinaryMed sensors are part of a new generation of Massive IoT devices - offering better geolocation capabilities and significantly better battery life than traditional GPS trackers. This is especially useful in complex pre-analytical supply chains where samples spend long periods of time indoors where GPS in unavailable, making active sample tracking reliable like never before.

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