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In a laboratory setting, the critical factors of efficiency and accuracy significantly influence patient outcomes. This landscape is changing with the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, empowering laboratories with sample tracking software to excel as never seen before. This blog post explores the affirmative impact of IoT solutions on enhancing lab sample tracking efficiency, affording laboratories heightened control, visibility, and profound insights into their crucial processes.

The Evolution of Laboratory Sample Tracking

Traditional sample tracking systems have long been entrenched in manual, time-consuming processes, leaving room for human error and inefficiencies. Laboratories, often dealing with multiple sample types, face the challenge of maintaining meticulous records while ensuring the integrity of each sample from collection to analysis.

Many laboratories have evolved from manual record-keeping to embrace a variety of sophisticated sample tracking systems. Traditional methods, including manual logs and basic barcode systems, have given way to more advanced technologies such as RFID and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). 

While these solutions have their merits, the spotlight is increasingly turning towards IoT tracking solutions. Unlike static barcode and RFID systems, IoT solutions leverage real-time data from connected sensors and devices, providing dynamic insights into the whereabouts and conditions of samples. This heightened level of visibility ensures accurate tracking and enables laboratories to proactively manage and optimise their processes.

Sample Tracking Systems

Key Features of IoT Sample Tracking Systems

1. Real-Time Monitoring of Location and Temperature

IoT sample tracking technology provide laboratories with real-time visibility into the whereabouts and conditions of their samples. The continuous monitoring of location, movement and temperature ensures that each sample’s journey is meticulously tracked, providing a comprehensive and accurate timeline. 

This heightened level of visibility not only ensures accurate tracking but also enables laboratories to proactively manage and optimise their processes, safeguarding the integrity of samples with real-time temperature monitoring throughout the transport process.

2. Active Location and Temperature Alerts

One standout feature of IoT sample tracking systems is its active location and temperature alerts. Fully customisable alerts are designed to notify users promptly when intervention is necessary, even before a sample reaches the laboratory. These live alerts provide real-time insights, allowing users to swiftly address any issues and recover shipments, preventing potential sample compromise.

3. Light Alerts in Sample Tracking

The addition of light alerts to IoT sample tracking solutions introduces an additional layer of visibility. This feature operates by detecting and instantly alerting users to when a container is opened. Providing heightened awareness of when samples are physically handled, the light alert functionality ensures greater visibility into the sample tracking process, reinforcing the integrity and security of the samples throughout their journey.

4. Sample Tracking Software Integrations

Superior IoT sample tracking systems are designed to integrate with existing systems in laboratories. The data generated by the IoT sensors can usually be provided as an API feed for direct integration into the laboratory’s existing Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or the IoT technology provider may provide their own platform to access to the data. 

BinaryMed’s web-based platform delivers dynamic data analytics, offering transparency to workflows and empowering informed decision-making at every stage of the sample journey.

Benefits of IoT for Efficient Lab Sample Tracking

1. Streamlining Logistics and Preventing Loss

Unlike traditional data-loggers, IoT lab sample tracking solutions communicate data live, directly through the cellular network, filling gaps between collection centers and labs. This helps laboratories streamline logistics, prevent sample loss, and automate evidence gathering for compliance with quality assurance policies.

2. Adaptable to Diverse Sample Types

One of the inherent challenges in laboratory sample tracking is the diverse nature of specimens. IoT sample tracking systems are designed to accommodate various sample types, from blood and tissue specimens to DNA and RNA extracts. The adaptability of the system ensures that it meets the unique requirements of different laboratories and research settings.

3. Simplify Evidence Gathering for Quality Assurance & Compliance

The Digital Chain of Custody that comes with IoT sample tracking software ensures thorough traceability and accountability throughout the sample tracking process, digitally documenting each step from collection to analysis. This guarantees data integrity and establishes a transparent and auditable trail for regulatory compliance. 

The system’s historical data storage allows effortless access to past records, offering valuable insights during audits. Customisable reports further enhance utility, allowing laboratories to tailor data presentation to internal protocols or regulatory expectations, ensuring flexibility and agility in meeting diverse compliance needs.

4. Zero to Little Infrastructure Required

In contrast to other laboratory sample tracking systems such as RFID and barcode systems that often require additional infrastructure or equipment, IoT solutions stand out for their minimal requirements. While some IoT solutions may require just a gateway, BinaryMed’s innovative approach eliminates this necessity, demanding neither additional infrastructure, nor the need for gateways or scanning processes.

5. Optimising Workflows

By leveraging real-time data and accountability features, laboratories can significantly reduce re-testing requirements, ensuring that each analysis is conducted with the utmost accuracy. IoT sample tracking systems enable the optimisation of resource utilisation, allowing laboratories to streamline logistics seamlessly. 

With the ability to plan staffing ahead of sample arrival, the workflow becomes more predictable, minimising delays and ensuring a smoother operation. Furthermore, the integration of real data provides valuable insights, allowing laboratories to improve off-site performance and overall operational agility.


In conclusion, the incorporation of IoT sample tracking systems marks a turning point in laboratory operations. Laboratories embracing this transformative technology stand to gain control, efficiency, and insights into their lab sample tracking processes. As we navigate the dynamic intersection of healthcare, technology, and innovation, BinaryMed remains committed to driving positive change in laboratory operations. Our IoT solution is not just about tracking samples; it is about empowering laboratories to unlock new possibilities, improve data accuracy, and elevate the standards of sample tracking.

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