Understanding the Importance of Life Science Sample Transport


Understanding the Importance of Life Science Sample Transport In the intricate world of life sciences, the journey of a sample from collection to analysis is a crucial chapter in the research story. Proper life science sample transport plays a major role in ensuring the integrity of samples and, consequently, the accuracy of results. In this […]

What is the Binary Med platform?

What is the BinaryMed Platform The ability to see your mobile assets in real time can help you make critical business decisions, reduce costs and improve your customer’s experience. While tracking of vehicles is common, significant parts of an organisation’s returnable assets often go un-monitored due to high costs or power issues. BinaryMed’s asset monitoring […]

What is Binary Med?

What is BinaryMed? BinaryMed are global leaders in connecting laboratories to their mobile assets and uncovering insights into off-site business practices. Working with leading global pathology companies BinaryMed has created an industry specific solution to address the unique risk management challenges faced by laboratories in the collection, transport, and reception of patient samples during the […]